A new era begins as Pundi X Chain goes live.

While the chain is launched, we are just past the halfway mark and we’re ahead of schedule in accomplishing these Pre-Launch and Launch milestones:

Words from CEO

PUNDIX4GOOD! Four years ago we started Pundi X with a vision of allowing anyone to buy and use crypto currencies as easily as buying a bottle of water.

Born to inspire

Fast forward four years later and this vision has been implemented through XPOS, XWallet and XPASS and rolled…

Cryptocurrency once had humble beginnings as a niche interest, relegated to being discussed only in obscure forums and closed circles.

Years later, the reality today couldn’t be any more different. Financial institutions like JP Morgan have started offering crypto funds to its clients, countries have started accepting crypto as payment…

Features that help merchants to manage crypto volatility

Volatility has long been accepted in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, if not outright expected. Seasoned cryptocurrency traders know not to panic even when a popular currency like Bitcoin loses 30% of its value within the span of a few days, as it…

This is a Request for Comment article for a Reward Token for $PUNDIX and $NPXSXEM. For further ongoing discussion, go to Proposal for a Pundi X Reward Token.

Summary of Pundi X Reward Token:

Let the countdown begin.

Launch introduction

Function X Mainnet will be going live.

Foremost, thank you, Community, for your gracious patience and your unwavering support. We should all feel a sense of achievement because Function X Mainnet is going live.

The team will do a step-up Mainnet launch, whereby you will see…

Over the past few weeks, you have heard some token related terms, such as token reduction, buyback, and burn. They each mean different things, but at times used interchangeably. Pundi X actually has all three — token burn, token buyback and token reduction.

This is a short article to explain…

NPXS token reduction is to reduce the total supply of NPXS, both the total supply and circulating supply. There is no change in the value of the new total tokens a user hold after token reduction compared to the total value of the old tokens. NPXS token economy model remains…

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things is an understatement, yet perhaps nowhere is this more true than when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Over the years, cryptocurrency has gone from a perception of it being dodgy at best (with fears that it will be mainly…

Testnet 3.0 — Function X Cross-Chain

Welcome to Function X Testnet 3.0 where users are able to perform cross chain functionalities on their personal blockchain. In this tutorial users will be able to send ERC-20 tokens into Function X blockchain. …

Zac Cheah

CEO & Co-Founder Pundi X, Creator Function X

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