Let the countdown begin.

Launch introduction

Function X Mainnet will be going live.

Foremost, thank you, Community, for your gracious patience and your unwavering support. We should all feel a sense of achievement because Function X Mainnet is going live.

The team will do a step-up Mainnet launch, whereby you will see a multi-stage launch. A multi-stage launch ensures better security, adoption, and exposure. In Stage 1 of this multi-stage launch we introduce the delegation of FX tokens into validators to help secure the Function X Mainnet. We call this first stage “Governance of FXCore”.

Remember because Function X blockchain is capable…

Over the past few weeks, you have heard some token related terms, such as token reduction, buyback, and burn. They each mean different things, but at times used interchangeably. Pundi X actually has all three — token burn, token buyback and token reduction.

This is a short article to explain what they are to set out the right expectation.

Token reduction

Effect: New Pundi X token with 1000 reduced supply.
Objective: Increase usage, exchange support, DeFi adoption.
Actions needed: It will be automatic or manual for users based on respective exchanges and wallets.
Timeline: Late March 2021 till late March 2022. …

NPXS token reduction is to reduce the total supply of NPXS, both the total supply and circulating supply. There is no change in the value of the new total tokens a user hold after token reduction compared to the total value of the old tokens. NPXS token economy model remains unchanged. It is deflationary and token removal will be taken place as usual after reduction.

We’d like to seek community’s collective feedback on the reduction plan by conducting a poll. Please read on the Q&A below for details. …

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things is an understatement, yet perhaps nowhere is this more true than when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Over the years, cryptocurrency has gone from a perception of it being dodgy at best (with fears that it will be mainly used for illegal activities like black market dealing and money laundering) to a legitimate investment vehicle. Under COVID-19, the cryptocurrency market has performed better than ever and this has led to much speculation that the pandemic could be the trigger for its mass mainstream adoption. …

Testnet 3.0 — Function X Cross-Chain

Welcome to Function X Testnet 3.0 where users are able to perform cross chain functionalities on their personal blockchain. In this tutorial users will be able to send ERC-20 tokens into Function X blockchain. All tokens used in this tutorial are on Testnet, for ERC-20 tokens they are on Ethereum’s Kovan testnet and FRC-20 tokens on Function X’s Testnet 3.0.

What you will learn today (using FXCloud)

  • Enable cross-chain transfer on your custom blockchain
  • Set up a relay node on Ethereum (Kovan testnet)
  • Set up on Function X (Testnet 3.0)
  • Add tokens that you want to relay (eg: an ERC-20 DeFi…

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency — which allows users to directly transact without having to go through a bank — has caused it to see a meteoric rise in popularity ever since its invention. Ironically, however, this has caused cryptocurrency to become a threat to fiat currency and for central banks, world governments, and other traditional financial institutions to view it with a suspicious eye. It doesn’t help either that the lack of a central authority in governing cryptocurrency transactions has caused it to be taken advantage of by some to deal on the black market, launder money, etc.


XPOS in Nigeria. Produced by Multi-jakes

Many countries around the world are beginning to ease up on blockchain and cryptocurrency, considering that they have proven useful in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Influential figures around the world such as billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones have also expressed support for Bitcoin, calling it as the best possible hedge against inflation.

Crypto regulatory support is known in countries such as Japan, Malta, Switzerland, and Singapore. However, a report by Arcane Research shows that Africa is also becoming one of the most promising places for crypto adoption. …

More than a decade has passed since Bitcoin and blockchain technology was introduced to the world. Some may believe that we still have a long way to go with blockchain and crypto adoption since it’s still considered a novel concept; not a lot of people are comfortable with the idea of investing their money on new technologies, possibly even more so people in developing countries where fiat money is still very much the norm. However, various reports and studies, such as one conducted by blockchain project Onfo, debunk this idea.

The experiment focused on four countries: the U.S., Germany, Indonesia…

As the public release of the Function X testnet is around the corner, we will elaborate more on validators, delegators, FX Connect app and address some of the key questions that the community has posted in our AMA Telegram (held on May 6, 2020) and our Reddit page in this issue of HashOut.

About testnet

When is the testnet launch date?

We aim to launch the testnet in June 2020. The testnet launch date will be the same as the Function X Cloud (beta) launch date. …

Image created by Laura Makaltses. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives — help stop the spread of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to engulf the world, but some countries such as Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand are starting to consider reopening their borders after managing to contain the transmission of the virus in their region.

For Singapore, the government will continue to impose isolation and testing requirements to protect the country from imported COVID-19 cases that could increase community transmission again. Australia and New Zealand, on the other hand, have discussed implementing a trans-Tasman bubble to mutually build up their economies and avoid possible recessions. …

Zac Cheah

CEO & Co-Founder Pundi X, Creator Function X

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